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MakeLabHoliday2019The inspired minds at MakeLab Studios have been at it again, this time creating new, unique ways to further build on the popularity of selfies as a guest engagement and brand promotion tool. The firm’s latest photo-booth interactive, just in time for the holidays, invites guests to put their best face forward on a roll of gift wrapping paper and seasonal cards. The on-site camera and printing station also allows for custom branding, messaging and personalized designs.

MakeLab first grabbed the love of Toronto’s event industry with its edible selfie macarons and cookies. Now there are selfie libation options, thanks to the company’s new Beve-Bot that dresses the foam of a latte, a beer, milkshake and other drinks with a guest’s snapshot, a logo, a design or a message. Other hands-on holiday ideas include embroidery stations for personalizing hats and mitts, or laser engraving for designing ornaments, gift tags and other cool items.

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