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While its popularity has ebbed and flowed over the years, karaoke has never disappeared. In fact, the number of karaoke nights hosted by Toronto’s bar scene is actually on the upswing! TIFF’s September event included a karaoke pop-up as part of the entertainment line-up at Mongrel House (Campbell House), organized for the fourth-year running by Good Enough Live Karaoke. The company also handled the karaoke at a recent TIFF fundraiser. “It was epic with celebrity singers at TIFF,” says Good Enough Live Karaoke’s Jennifer Cowan about the festival’s Mongrel House sing-along. “The real fun and reason for our whole enterprise, though, is having regular people join our live band on stage and live out their rock star fantasies!”

Having a live band element is what makes the company’s karaoke set-up distinctive, and every participant’s performance mic-drop worthy. With a repertoire of over 400 songs, and an iPad with lyrics, guests rock it out with cue-ins, even vocal back up, by band members adept at adjusting to performers’ timing, pitch, even forgotten lyrics. The exhilarating, interactive experience makes for unique, rollicking fun team-building, holiday parties, corporate entertainment and social events.

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