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Shimmy, jive, twist and tango – live dance performances add energy, movement and music to special events. “Choreographed productions inject a dynamic sense of theatrics and artistry into any occasion, bringing with it the power to seduce, inspire and excite audiences,” says Kristina Kulikova, founder/artistic director of Toronto-based KulKat Entertainment. KulKat, a full-service dance agency, offers a talented in-house troupe of performers and choreographers. From costumes, choreography, musical arrangements and staging, the company creates entertainment that spans most dance genres, from ballet and burlesque to Latin, hip hop and more.


Need a cabaret-style spectacle? Choose from a production roster filled with a variety of high-energy themed shows inspired by seasons, movies and eras that can be tailored to size, length and staging requirements. Custom productions are also available. Scale up or scale down with solo and couple acts or several different group numbers. Dance entertainment isn’t just for watching, either. KulKat’s performers are masters in coaxing guests out of their seats for a fun dance lesson or two.

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