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Dancing In The Dark

LED dance troupes are gaining widespread attention thanks to America’s Got Talent (a great source for awesome acts, btw!). With glow-in-the-dark costuming inspired by the sci-fi movie Tron, dancers fill the stage with tightly choreographed, high-energy moves. There’s an LED Tron Dance Show available in Toronto, booking through agents like Spark Show Production and Mega Magic Talent. Performed by professional dancers, the five-person troupe mesmerizes with athletically funky moves. A little bit hip hop, a little bit pop and lock, and a whole lot of illuminated spectacle fills the dark stage.


The troupe’s choreography is customizable to songs, brand and theme, making for unique, futuristic entertainment, perfect for technology-, corporate- and social-based occasions looking for eye-candy beyond the norm. The LED-lit uniforms are programmable with colours that sync to the music with every move. Shows range from three to five minutes and need nothing more than a darkened room.

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