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Calling all Picassos, Picasso protégés and just-wanna-have-fun artistic-wannabes. Paint & Pixels has the perfect inclusive corporate teambuilding activity for tapping the imagination. Different than the usual art studio, the Queensway and Royal York centre is staffed with a team skilled in education and art therapy. Smock up and go to town in the lower-level Splatter Room where groups of up to 40, with paintbrushes loaded, are coached through different stadium-style challenges such as colour mixing and closest splatter to the target while creating modernistic masterpieces. Award the Messiest Artist, Most Accurate Shot, Most Colourful Canvas and more.

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Upstairs is a more traditional art setting where participants settle in at easels and canvases, supplies at the ready, for self-expression painting or their take on a famed art piece. Digital art technology is also part of the artistic toolbox with over 20 iPads loaded with art apps for producing impressive doodles and manipulating “selfies” for social media sharing. Extend the imagination with fun in front of the studio’s green screen, programmed with a montage of music videos and wacky clips. Take home the art as a keepsake, hang it in the office or auction it off for charity.

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