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Engaging event goers requires staffing teams with personnel that exude professionalism, personality and poise. At Cotton Candy Event Staffing, it also means having frontline individuals with a confident skill-set in understanding how to energize and represent a brand. “Educating staff on why they’re there and what they’re representing is the only way to set a team, and event, up for success,” says Nicole Pollock, co-owner of the boutique staffing firm. In addition to hiring right, company training includes on-site experience-based coaching via mentors and pre-event tailored information sessions.

cotton-candy-event-staffingCotton Candy Event Staffing

Pollock along with partner Jorie Brown are entertainment industry savvy. As members of the Toronto Raptors Dance Pak and the Toronto Argonauts Cheerleaders the duo are uber experienced in how to interact with and motivate the public on a grand scale. With a roster of over 100 regulars plus a talent network across the country, the firm supplies dancers (choreography and production coordination, too), brand ambassadors, street teams, promotional models and Smart Serve-certified bartenders and hostesses. There’s also a team of airbrush artists to put your event brand up front and centre.

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