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Lasers, 3D printing, tablets and digital screens. How do you turn technology tools into hands-on event entertainment? Let us count the ways with a visit to MakeLab‘s studio, where a demonstration of its interactive event station action is like a tour of gotta-have, far-out fun! First up: the edible selfie photo booth MakeLabMakeLabwhere tablet-taken portraits and guest-designed messages are “caramelized” onto macarons, sugar cookies or cupcake toppers by a robotic laser arm. It’s like watching a new-age Polaroid develop! Turn the laser (its name is Norman btw) into a bow-tie or jewelry-making bar. Guests use special software to select or create their own design for laser-etching onto die-cut wooden wearables.

A shining beacon is the Analog Instagram Light Table, drawing in up to 15 guests at a time to play with curated imagery for fabulous Instagram shots. Projection and online-sharing capabilities glam up social media feeds. And there’s more. Pages for a giant digital colouring-book graffiti wall are supplied by local Toronto artists. There’s also a 3D printing pop-up studio or 3D printing fashion nail bar where guests are schooled in designing 3D art, whether it’s a takeaway piece or statement nails that can be applied on the spot. Everything is brandable. We can’t wait to see what this creative crew comes up with next!



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