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Custom-Engineered-ArtsNeed an on-brand décor or prop piece? Check out Custom Engineered Arts. Three-dimensional sculptures, signs, and logos offer huge visual appeal, amp up marketing power, and deliver an attention-getting presence for events and companies. Working in foam, the company begins with sketches. Using specialized design software and machinery, the creative team with an impressive artful eye, replicate products, decorations, scenic fabrications to scale or oversized, and more. The more unique the project, the better.

Lightweight, cost-effective and durable sculptures are coated for indoor/outdoor use. Delivery and installation are available. The company’s portfolio boasts a range of products and highlights from movies and theatrical productions, displays, and events across Canada and the United States. Popular are its oversized lettering, slogan and logo work, display and trade show booths, scenic backdrops, and decoration. It also offers a rental inventory of cool, ready-made, Insta-worthy pieces.

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