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Colour It Radiant Orchid

Whether you describe it as deep fuchsia, purple-pink or even an intense lilac, Pantone #18-3224 is set to trend in all shades of Radiant Orchid for everything that’s design-centric, from fashion to interiors to events.

Here are a few ways to introduce 2014’s Colour of the Year into events:


Lighting at the ISES Glow gala. Photo credit David Goorevitch, Awe & Then Some Photography Lighting at the ISES Glow gala. Photo credit: David Goorevitch, Awe & Then Some Photography

Light It

Colour-washing a room with light is one of the easiest ways to achieve the desired hue, says Matthew Byrne of Maph Productions. Use conventional lighting with coloured gels, the Roscoe Gel #342 in a rose-pink hue in particular, or mix and match LEDs to sculpt and play colour off neutral surfaces. Uplighting and pin lighting help create contrast and interest.

The Flower Room packs a purple posy punchThe Flower Room packs a purple posy punch

Arrange It

While Mother Nature is oblivious to colour trends, she does offer a vast array of purple petals for planting into centrepieces and bouquets. The pros at The Flower Room recommend using big showy statement flowers such as delphinium, lilac, purple hydrangea, blue agapanthus, purple kale, vanda orchids, and allium. Accent with silvery foliage such as dusty miller, and create contrast and texture with the vibrant colours of viburnum thistles, anemones and green cymbidium orchids.

Mr. Impossible chair from Contemporary Furniture RentalsMr. Impossible chair from Contemporary Furniture Rentals

Furnish It

The colour of the year turns up in all styles of furnishings from Contemporary Furniture Rentals. Go mod with a Mr. Impossible chair or lounge it with tall carousel-style borne seating, sofas, benches and ottomans. Group the furnishings for a monochromatic look or use purple seating as accent pieces within a setting of white. The company also offers several choices of elegant throw pillows for on-trend colour accessorizing.

J Company Design colours it with balloon decor J Company Design colours it with balloon decor

Hang It

J Company Designs gives oversized latex balloons the Radiant Orchid treatment by inserting a pink mini LED into white balloons and uplighting with a purplish gel. If not balloons, try sparkling beaded chandeliers, votives and paper lanterns which are all available in the perfect purple through the company’s wholesale store Event Décor Direct

Blofield's inflatable DoNut comes in a wide range of coloursBlofield’s inflatable DoNut comes in a wide range of colours

Sit At It

Check out Blofield Air Design’s ultra cool, convenient, weatherproof furnishings including the edgy DoNut table. The ideal shade of purple-pink is among the customizable colour options for the inflatable tire-shaped seating portion of the table. Seats six. Available through BUM Contract in Canada.

Mix up the perfect cocktail colour with Hpnotiq HarmonieMix up the perfect cocktail colour with Hpnotiq Harmonie

Drink It

Pour the colour into a glass for a signature theme drink. Hpnotiq Harmonie, a violet-hued vodka and cognac-based liqueur, offers the liquid fixings for luscious Radiant Orchid cocktail sippers. Mix with soda or bubbly, garnish and serve in an elegant glass. Try one of these recipes to cheers your colour-of-the-year event toasts.



Sweet Table styles it rightSweet Table styles it right

Serve It

Sweet Table makes an edible statement in all shades of the Pantone-savvy colour, from lilac frosted cupcakes and violet-tinged macarons to purple smarties and fluffy lavender marshmallows. Co-founder and table stylist Izabela Chmielewska offers loads of delectable ideas for accenting a food or confectionary station with this year’s colour including swagging the table with bunting banners, custom tags and labels, spray-painted antique frames, cake pedestals and trays, cupcake toppers, swizzle sticks and loot bags.

Go Go “flamingo” in table linens from Around the Table

Drape It

Pick up Radiant Orchid in table linens. For summer events, Around the Table introduces Flamingo, a close colour-match option, in a natural burlap weave that works well for an outdoorsy feel. Don’t overwhelm a room with all Flamingo-saturated tables, says company linen guru Sylvie Faras. Instead, alternate tables with a complementary colour and contrasting napkins. Or, go for a neutral base palette, popping purple in the napkins and table runners.


Carpet rentals from Sitra Furniture RentalsCarpet rentals from Sitra Furniture Rentals

Walk On It

Turn your event floor into a sea of orchid with rugs and stair runners from Sitra Furniture Rentals. Along with its inventory of at-the-ready floor coverings, the company can customize rugs to include designs and logos. Sitra also offers a wide range of event furniture and decor rentals. Not only does the company rent but it also manufactures pieces right here in the GTA so planners can special order the perfect scene-setting piece in purple.


Body art by Natasha DesignBody art by Natasha Design

Paint With It

Whether it’s with a paint brush or a makeup brush, on canvas or skin, Natasha Kudashkina of Natasha Design can beautifully splash events with an artful dose of Radiant Orchid. The Toronto-based artist uses surreal imagery and vivid colour to create fantastical body art for strolling entertainment and live statues, face painting and interactive mural performance art.