Well Done


There’s something timeless about a classic steakhouse. In fact, steakhouses have a dining culture all of their own, offering well-appointed, elegant settings and upscale menus…


Get Your Holiday On


Still searching for a place to stage this year’s festive celebrations? Never fear. The Grinch has not stolen the Christmas party yet! There are lots…

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Water Solution


Where does your event’s drinking water come from, a bottle or the nearest tap? Tabl’eau Filtered Water ensures thirst-quenching needs are met and served in…

Holiday, Venues

Party On


Fall into winter is a busy time for event planners, especially as the holiday party requests begin to flow in. Deciding on where to host…


Book your Best Ever Holiday Party at K1 Speed

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Your Team K1 Speed = Best Holiday Party Ever!
The Holiday countdown has begun, and our booking team is ready. Ready to help you make your decision of what date to pick and what food and beverages to serve. The rest is simple. K1 Speed all the way.

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Petal Power


Move over chocolate bonbonnières, flowers are here. Noticing the popularity of gifting centrepieces at the end of a wedding or event, Toronto florist Willow &…


Fore Events


No need to fret over the weather forecast for this summer’s company golf tournament if you’re willing to shake things up with a bit of…

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