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Shhh! Party In Progress

Silent-Beats-EventsPicture a silent room filled with people wearing neon-lit headphones, dancing like no one is watching. Silent clubbing emerged in Europe in the early 2000s as a novel solution for clubs and music festivals to meet local noise bylaws. Thanks to companies like Niagara Falls, ON-based Silent Beats Events, the concept is growing in popularity here with some terrific event applications. “No matter the setting or purpose, silent parties or meetings are a truly unique way to offer something different while also customizing the experience,” note Silent Beats Events co-founders Patryk Wasiak and Stephan Gonthier. The company offers a rental inventory of over 1,000 “silent” headphones.

The wireless devices, which can be event branded, have three channels, lighting up in a colour depending on which one the wearer is listening to. This enables guests to curate their music choice, or conference attendees to select a language translation or tune into different presentations. The direct-from-podium-to-ear connection also makes it sound like the presenter is personally speaking to each audience member. Eliminating any noise ordinance issues opens up event settings which otherwise may not be an option, including rooftops, residential and office buildings, gardens and outdoor spaces, in addition to bars and clubs. Remove the headphones for easy, normal conversation – no yelling over music. Bonus: It’s pretty funny watching a crowd move to the sound of their own beat. In addition to distributing headphones in southern Ontario and western Quebec, Silent Beats Events can connect events with several silent-disco savvy DJs.


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