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Known for their out-of-the-box ambient event technology,  bb Blanc recently unveiled two newly acquired products — Sparkular and Kinetic Lights – at a company showcase highlighting their AV and entertainment wares. “It is truly amazing how lighting and visual effects can add dynamic energy and movement to a room,” noted bb Blanc’s Mark Awad at the event just as several columns of “fire” shot up from the ground behind him. Sparkular is a smokeless, odourless, non-flammable simulated pyro for indoor/outdoor use that propels a fountain of starry whiteness three to 16 feet into the air. Perfect for lining a runway, a stage or enhancing a big reveal, the fountain machines are programmable for customized effects, from the timing to height to density of the flames.


Kinetic Lights ups the ante on the popularity of non-traditional event lighting. The system used at bb Blanc’s showcase entailed LED bulbs in balloon- or globe-like shades, tethered to winch cables that raised and lowered them. You can use the lights in multiples to choreograph an awesome visual display by programming the globes to transition through a range of colours as they move up and down. Add a letter to each globe to spell out a company name, product or event. The globe shades can be removed and replaced with other light fixtures, such as lanterns, or you can hang your own product, like a new brand of running shoes!


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