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Etc. April 2014

Giftwrap Healthy Treats

Food baskets are always a welcome gift but with the rise in food allergies and sensitivities, the contents aren’t always suitable. That’s why Nikki Beasley founded Healthy Gourmet Gifts delivering baskets customized with treats that are special-diet specific such as gluten or nut free, organic and high quality. Many of the items are locally sourced and would pass a “contents back-label reading” by those who care about what’s in the food they’re eating.

Packaging is modern and fresh, too. “Who needs another wicker basket?” says Beasley. The goodies arrive in a sturdy reusable, beribboned, high-gloss box or bag with layers of tissue and small items boxed for extended unwrapping pleasure. Customers receive a photograph of their ordered gift along with the receipt – a unique touch that cements the gift-giving experience. A wide range of choice celebrates both occasion milestones and corporate gifting with deluxe sizes for sharing — excellent for creating an instant office or family party. Delivery is available throughout North America.

Dazzling Special FX

Danger Boy's Fog Screen

Tom Comet has made a career out of playing with fire, producing explosive pyro-filled theatrical spectacles for his entertainment company Circus Orange. He’s also the creator and chief technician behind Danger Boy, a new full service provider for pyrotechnics, special effects, stunts and fly rigging. A master at pushing the envelope on bold derring-do, Comet’s new company delivers “high risk” special effects that take concerts and live performances to the next level.

Pyrotechnics is a mainstay of the firm’s arsenal and includes indoor-rated pyro, high elevation pyro and fireworks. A full range of effects machines create indoor and outdoor atmospheric enhancements including smoke, snow and confetti. New is FogScreen (pictured), a new technology that enables projection of video, images, logos and lasers on a virtual screen of water-based fog that guests can walk through.

Heard It Through The Grapevine

A mobile app is a must for today’s events, giving planners a “paperless” method of engaging attendees while enhancing branding and capturing usable data. Launched at the recent Canadian Special Events Expo’s technology summit is Grapevine by Pragmatic Conferencing. The app is customizable with features that include polling, exhibitor lists, event schedules, interactive map, social media and more.

Grapevine lets attendees build their own itineraries, tag their favourite content or speaker, share notes, access blog feeds and network with other participants. The app’s tools and analytics help monitor and track results in real-time, delivering measurable data to build a tangible case for return on investment plus highlight potential areas for future event improvement. Additional benefits include selling “page” space to sponsors and advertisers for an increased revenue stream.