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Once upon a time, waving a lighter while swaying on the spot was about as involved as attendees could get at a concert. Today’s live-event fans, though, expect their experience to be far more tech-savvy and interactive. Using wireless LED wristbands, Los Angeles-based CrowdSync Technology draws guests into the action by making them part of the light show. The company’s top device offers a spectrum of 15 light colours synced to the music and manipulated by CrowdSync’s control interface. Two other wristband options are sound and motion activated with a choice of one or six LED colours.

CrowdSync Technology

In addition to the light-up fun – over 100,000 can be synced at a time — the wristbands are embedded with RFID technology making them a versatile ticketing and social-media activation tool. They can also be used for cashless payments. The technology platform and event production company, which supplies to Canada, offers controllable or automatic flashing LED lanyards, too. All devices are logo imprintable and have on/off battery power options. Custom-designed products and wearables are available.

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